• August 3, 2020

    Dear Thomson Families, 

    On behalf of the entire Thomson Elementary Staff, I would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021  school year.  While this year will be a bit different than years past, our staff is committed to making it as exciting as ever while keeping our school community as safe as possible.  To ensure success, there must be ongoing communication between you and the school.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Together we can build the best foundation possible for your child’s successful school career.

    Since we are not able to hold our traditional Parent Orientation and Open House this year, we will be offering several different ways to acquaint both you and your child with Thomson, our staff, and give you an idea of what your child’s day will look like.

    • Parent Orientation Video that will be sent out to all Thomson families.  In this video, I will share information about your child’s day, expectations, and procedures.  It is important that all parents/families watch this video.  
    • Second, I will offer Ten Minute Tours.  This will be an opportunity for your child and ONE parent/guardian to sign up for a specific time to tour the school with me.  This opportunity might be especially helpful for students that have not previously attended or been inside Thomson.  Please watch for a separate email with information and sign up.  
    • Third, our Thomson Teachers will be holding a Drive Thru Meet & Greet.  This will be a time to drive through our front loop and stop to meet your child’s teacher.  You will also be given your child’s red folder and transportation tag at this time.  The ‘Drive Thru Meet & Greet’ will be held Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12 from 4:00-5:30 p.m.  The date you will attend will be dependent on who your child’s teacher is which will be mailed Tuesday, August 4.
    • Last, each classroom teacher and our certified support staff will be creating a Video Classroom Tour.  These videos will be emailed to you by your child’s teacher no later than Thursday, August 12.   These short videos will give your child another introduction to their teacher and a peek inside their classroom.  

    As a parent myself, I know the difficult decisions that families have made in regard to schooling for this year.  For those that will be returning to school face-to-face, I want to assure you that we are taking health and safety measures very seriously.  As previously shared, Thomson students, like all other Davison elementary students, will be required to wear a mask when moving through the building (hallways, bathrooms, office, etc.)and on the bus, but may remove them while in their classrooms or on the playground.  I encourage you to continue practicing the wearing of masks with your child.

    Additionally, I want you to encourage each and every one of you to stay positive and project that positivity onto your child.  Our kids take on our perceptions and it is important for us to start this year off on the right foot.  With all the uncertainty, it is easy to let worry and concern take over, but I want you to know that we care deeply about our students and their families and will strive to make this a special year for everyone!


    Natalie Miller, Proud Thomson Principal