•  Welcome to Davison Community Schools!

    We are located in Genesee County and our primary boundaries include the city of Davison, Davison Township and Richfield Township. The District covers more than 60 square miles and is the area's biggest employer with more than 600 employees and a $56 million budget. Our student population is approximately 5,800 students in grades preschool through 12.

    Davison Community Schools operates on a K-12 Balanced Calendar school year. We are district accredited through AdvancED.

    We have nine school buildings:

    • Davison High School and Davison Alternative Education High School are located on the same Oak Road campus and serve grades nine through 12. The buildings are located at 1250 N. Oak Road.

    • Davison Middle School and Hahn Intermediate share a campus on Dayton Street. The Middle School houses grades seven and eight and Hahn Intermediate is home to grades five and six. The buildings share a Media Center.

    • Central Elementary is our oldest building and located on M-15. Built in the early 1930s, the building underwent major renovations and two additions in 2013 and 2014. Central serves grades one through four and also houses the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) preschool program.

    • Gates Elementary is our elementary building located to the south of the district on Irish Road, between Lippincott Boulevard and Atherton Roads. Gates was built in1966 and was originally named South Elementary until it was renamed later after former school board member Mrs. Geraldine Gates.

    • Hill Elementary was the first elementary school following a local school consolidation program that resulted in the merger of 12 primary districts into one larger Davison community school district with more than 2,200 students. Hill Elementary was built in 1956 and is located on Aloha Street. The building was named after the Hill Family, which was long associated with education in the community.

    • Siple Elementary was originally named North Elementary when built in 1964. Located on Coldwater Road, the building was renamed after its first principal, Mrs. Florence Siple.

    • Thomson Elementary, located on Clark Street, was built in 1958. The building was named after C.J. Thomson, who retired in 1959 after serving 25 years as superintendent of schools.

    • The Cardinal Center was established in 2002. Formerly the Lions Club banquet hall, the Cardinal Center houses the Cardinal's Nest preschool and latchkey center as well as the administrative offices for the district, including the Superintendent's Office, Personnel and Curriculum, Student Services, Business, Communications and Operations offices. The administrative offices moved from a trailer that had been located on Clark Street to the N. Oak Road building and the Cardinal's Nest relocated after it had been housed for many years in the north wing at Central Elementary.

    • Our Transportation offices are located on the high school campus, on the west side of the Davison Alternative Education building.Davison Community Schools Mission Statement