FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


    Q. What kind of equipment do you use ?

    A. Our DTV studio uses professional grade equipment.  Some of our equipment includes Sony DVCam cameras, a teleprompter, a lighting board and a “real” news anchor desk.  The current anchor desk was donated by WJBK-TV in Detroit.  WJRT-TV in Flint donated the set we used previously.  In our control room, we have a Grass Valley 250 switcher donated by WJRT-TV, a 24-channel Mackie audio board and a Chyron Duet LEX for graphics.  For news gathering, DTV has 4 Sony DSR DV Cameras, Shure microphones and Gitzo tripods.


    Q. What kind of shows do you produce ?

    A. We air a daily newscast, produced by the students with information about what’s happening in the school district.  
    DTV also broadcasts live band and choir concerts, high school and alternative high school graduations, varsity football, basketball (girls & boys), and volleyball games. 
    We tape and broadcast several soccer (boys & girls), baseball and softball games as well as wrestling meets and hockey games.
    We also produce a monthly news magazine show, called 'The District', about what’s happening in our district.

    Q. Where do your story ideas come from?
    The simple answer is many different places.  We look at the things that affect our students and our school district.  Many students tell us they get story ideas from their friends.  If you have any ideas you'd like to share, visit our Story Ideas & Feedback section.

    Q. Where is DTV located?
    A. DTV is located inside Davison High School.  We are on the first floor of the building adjacent to the Media Center.

    Q. Can I purchase a copy of a DTV program?
    A. DTV does offer DVDs for sale of selected programs.  All programs cost $20 and can be purchased through the PaySchools site.  Just click on the Purchase DTV Programs link and choose your program. 
    Note: Not all programs are available and all programs are produced by students.
    Q. I'm a Davison High School student, how can I get into DTV?
    A. DTV is always looking for bright new students, but there is a selection process to become a part of the DTV team. 
    DTV is a class that is reserved for 10th through 12th graders at Davison High School.  Students interested must apply.  You can find the application on this page or in the Guidance Office.  Once you fill out the application, you will be required to interview with Mr. Scott.

    Unfortunately, not all applications can be honored because of class space limitations.  If you are unable to get in one year, continue to apply.  We like that tenacity - it shows you're interested and want to get involved.