Grade Book Tips

  •  Grade Book Tips


    1)    Many of you asked if there was a way around the program counting each assessment being worth the same, even though one might be worth more points than the other. When setting up the assignment, make the Max and Points equal to one another.  So if you test is worth 125 points, make the Points worth 125 points.  Initially during the GISD training we were essentially told to ignore the Points box and leave it at 1.00.  Also, if you go down this road, then ALL of your assignments in that category will need to follow this trick. 


    2)    This next one is an issue that will require your attention as you set up assignments.  When you set up an assignment, make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see 3 tabs (Standards Correlation, Sections, Grading Periods).  Click on Grading Periods. Make sure you check ALL the boxes you want the assignment to apply to.  What is the difference between 1st Progress Report Mark and MP1?


    -          1st Progress Report Mark applies to creating and printing progress reports

    -          MP1 means you want this assignment to be part of the grade on the report card


    The short of it is that you should have both boxes checked if you want to run both progress reports with this assignment and have the assignment calculated as part of the overall report card grade.  So many of you will need to go back into your assignments


    1)    Click on the assignment header and select Edit Assignment

    2)    Scroll down to the bottom of the page

    3)    Click the Grading Periods tab

    4)    MP1 and then Save Assignment.