Activities for Home - Ways to Practice Spelling at Home!

  • Spelling should not be boring! Writing spelling words over and over again may help to memorize words for the week, but if you are looking for fun new ways to practice spelling words, try these!



    Spelling Ideas:

    • Write spelling words in alphabetical order.
    • Rainbow Words: Write each spelling word once in red, then trace over them in orange and again in yellow!
    • Write a funny story and try to use each spelling word in the story!
    • Have your child hop on one foot as they spell each letter (tap their head, spin in a circle, clap their hands, etc.)
    • Use playdough, spaghetti noodles or other objects to create the letters for each word. 



    Click below each image to see a description of how to do the activity, along with more ways to use the activity!