Students will be learning the various tools for successful writing during writer’s workshop. This workshop consists of a short mini lesson and 30-45 minutes of writing time each day. Students will have an opportunity to create the following pieces of writing throughout the year:


    -         Personal Narrative

    -         The Writing Process/ Magazine Feature Articles

    -         Informational Writing- How To Writing

    -         Writing from Knowledge & Experience-  MEAP Writing Skills

    -         Research Project

    -         Poetry

    * Within each unit students will also learn how to develop character actions, dialogue, physical descriptions, settings & internal thinking.



    Students will also be learning rules for writing. These rules include:


    -         All sentences start with a capital letter

    -         Capitalize the names of specific people and places

    -         All sentences end with a punctuation mark. ? !

    -         No capital letters in the middle of words

    -         No two sentences in a row should start with the same word

    -         The word AND should not be in a sentence more than once

    -         How to vary sentence beginnings



    What can parents do to help?


    -         When your child shares his/her work with you, comment on the content of the writing

    -         Don’t look for errors in spelling . . . we are still working on that!

    -         Encourage your child to write at home. Here are some suggestions:

    o   Make a list of things you need from the grocery store

    o   Write thank you notes

    o   Keep a journal/diary

    o   Write a wish list

    o   Make a scrapbook



    Comic Creator
    This is a fun web-site where you can creator your own comics! Don't forget to use speech bubbles! Parents: This web-site is used when teaching dialogue.

    Common and Proper Nouns