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    Mr. Ruterbusch

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    So, here we are...the end of the school year is just around the corner. 

    We have just a few more checkouts, and then we need to get everything back so that we can do inventory...especially after last year’s unexpected shutdown!

    Please try to get the books back in so that we do not have to use funds to restock our shelves with replacement books! Can’t find some missing books? On her webpage, Jasmine has a list of 10 places to look for books so you don’t have to pay to replace i:t

    Top 10 places to find your child’s lost library books:

    1. Between the bed and the wall (I found many books shoved here, apparently this is what my 3 year old does with his books when he finishes one.)
    2. Between the bed and the other wall (a few were back here as well)
    3. Shoved in the back of the bookcase (usually flat against the back, especially for small books)
    4. Underneath the couch (keeping them handy!)
    5. The bathroom (obvious reasons)
    6. In the car (the book wanted to go on a trip!)
    7. Inside the dresser
    8. Under the bed 
    9. Between the sheets (usually found at the foot of the bed)
    10. On the very bottom of their shared toybox!

    Good luck with your searching!

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