Guidelines for Negative Balance Student Lunch Accounts

  • We know that many of our families have financial constraints and, in the past, the district has tried to absorb what it could in overdue lunch account balances in order to assist those who are struggling. Due to recent changes in state law, the district is no longer able to absorb negative lunch account balances.

    Beginning this school year, please note the following guidelines in regard to school lunch accounts with a negative balance:


    • If your child’s lunch account reaches a negative balance amounting to $20 or more, please know that all future lunches for your student will consist of a cheese sandwich, fruit and milk until your child’s lunch account has a positive balance.

    • Your student will receive a reminder slip from one of our cooks when his/her lunch account reaches a negative balance to bring home as a reminder to place money on your child’s lunch account. You can add money to your child’s school lunch account online at:

     If you need financial assistance in paying for your child’s school lunch/breakfast, please complete an application for Free and Reduced lunch by calling our Food Service Dept. or online at:

    Your information is CONFIDENTIAL! Students who receive assistance through the Free and Reduced Lunch program are never identified and receive the same lunch as those students who purchase them. We encourage you to complete an application today.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Food Services Dept. at (810) 591-0825.