• PLEASE NOTE!! Please do not use the leading 0 in your student's ID number when connecting your student to the e~Funds account.
    DAVISON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS is pleased to have partnered with e~Funds for Schools!
    Parents and Guardians can make payments to the school for student meals, all online, in person or through mobile pay by clicking here: https://davison.familyportal.cloud/
    Online payments
    By registering for e~Funds for Schools, parents can pay online for student meals! You will also have access to your full payment history. Make payments for multiple students in one easy transaction!
    All payments are secure with the latest encryption technology. Plus, e~Funds for Schools will never post any payments to your student’s account without your prior knowledge and authorization.
    Mobile Payments
    Mobile Pay is a responsive website, optimized for smart phones and tablets that use either Android or Apple operating systems. You will have the ability to make payments and update account information from the palm of your hand. Simply use your EFS username and password to login.
    Ready to get started?
    Go to:

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