• New Board goals were adopted for the 2012-13 through 2015-16 school years. A committee consisting of board of education members, central office and building administrators, curriculum coordinators and members of the Advisory Curriculum Council was charged with taking another look at the goals and coming up with specific ways to measure the district’s progress in attaining them. These goals will provide an important sense of direction that will lead our district toward being the very best it can become as it prepares for the challenges of the new millennium.

    The three goals of the Board of Education are as follows:

    Goal 1 Instructional Goal: All students will achieve academic success through quality instruction and support.

    Indicators - Student achievement levels will improve:

    • Student academic performance on Michigan standardized tests will continue to show improvement gains each year.
    • All students will show appropriate (year for a year) annual growth.
    • The percentage of students achieving satisfactory performance on all subtests of the Michigan Department of Education Assessment Program will annually rank among the top 5% in the State of Michigan.
    • 95% of all students enrolled in Davison High School and Davison Alternative Education High School will graduate in four (4) years.

    Goal 2 Resources Goal: Davison Community Schools will maximize its resources.

    Indicators - Fund equity in General Fund will remain stable while continuing to provide high quality instructional and supporting services.

    • Use of facilities by community groups will increase.
    • Transportation services will improve.
    • Custodial and maintenance programs will improve.
    • Energy usage will continue to be monitored to maintain cost avoidance.

    Goal 3 School Climate Goal: Davison Community Schools will develop and maintain a cooperative, safe and respectful environment.

    Indicators - Students, parents, community and staff are safe in all school facilities.

    • Satisfaction with Davison programs (athletics, communication, DCER, food service, transportation) will improve.
    • Implement use of our new student information system as a communication tool between parents and teachers.
    • Community will demonstrate support for Davison Community Schools.