Balanced Calendar Information

    Davison Community Schools operates on a K-12 Balanced Calendar school year. Students normally have a seven-week summer vacation and begin school in mid-August. Optional four-day intersessions, where students can try new educational opportunities and experiences or simply take a break, are held in October and February.
    After implementing the District Balanced Calendar in the 2016-17 school year, our Balanced Calendar Committee has presented on the topic at many conferences and meetings throughout the state, including the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA) and Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP). In order to learn more about the Balanced Calendar, please call our Communications office at (810) 591-0852.
    Balanced Calendar Bulletin
    A monthly newsletter updating readers on the implementation efforts as the District
    transitioned from the traditional school year calendar to the Balanced Calendar in 2016-17.