My Home Page - Physical Education Progress

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!

    Welcome to the Physical Education webpage!  I hope to give you as much information about what's going on in your child's PE class.  I will be adding new information throughout the school year. 

    Students have PE twice a week for 40 minutes.  They should wear gym shoes and comfy clothes on their gym days.  We go outside when we can, so make sure they wear clothes that are older, in case of grass and mud stain.

    Students must wear gym shoes.  If they forget their shoes, I have a tote filled with gym shoes for students to borrow some if they would like.  They must have socks on in order to borrow shoes. Have your children put a pair of socks in their backpack and keep them there all year long!  This will help.

    I have been teaching at Gates for a long time.  (30 years)  I love to teach PE and Health!  The students at this school are why I got into teaching in the first place. 

    I first started teaching with Clio Area Schools and in Lakeville School District before coming to Davison.  I believe Davison Community Schools are one of the best school districts in the area, and am proud to say both of my own children graduated from Davison!

    If your child is too sick/injured to play in gym, please send me a note stating just that. 

    I am always looking for used tennis shoes that we can use for p.e. class and for other students less fortunate.  If you have shoes to donate, just have your child set them by my office door.  Thank you!

    My school phone is 810.591.5001. ext. 2359. 

    My school email is  Please feel free to contact me.