School Counselor

  • Davison Community Schools is proud to acknowledge that school counselors are an integral part of the educational process that enables all children to achieve success in school. We appreciate the contributions made by our counseling staff, the support shown to children and families, and the difference school counselors make in the lives of our children. 


    Professional school counselors are an integral part of the educational team that enables all children to achieve success in school.  They are committed to helping children explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents as these traits relate to personal/social awareness and career exploration. School counselors work together with parents, staff and off-site professionals to help create safe harbors for children and all those who support them.


    So…where will you find Davison school counselors? You’ll find them in the classroom delivering school counseling lessons, in a quiet space working with themed educational support groups, and in private providing individual support. You'll find them coordinating their expertise in response to critical incidents in the district.  You’ll find them consulting and collaborating with other professionals in support of children, scheduling, making calls, writing letters, listening, helping in the hallways and at lunch checking in with students. You'll see them standing quietly by applauding as children tackle and accomplish tasks both great and small.


    School Counselors
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    Christine Glann




    S.U.P.E.R. Kids

    Students Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships is a support group

     for students who are struggling with their emotions. Groups will be held for 45

    minutes to an hour, during the school day, once a week for six weeks.


    Kindred Hearts

    A grief support program facilitated by school counselors with assistance from The Community Bereavement Department of Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice to help children and young adults who have experienced a loss due to the death of a loved one.


    Sunshine Group

    A support group for students living with a single parent or in step-families. Groups will

    be held for 45 minutes during the school day, once a week for six weeks.


    New Student Reading List

    Compiled by Davison School Counselor Rebecca Vannest, this

    list of suggested books to read will help those students new to the district.


    Grief and Loss Reading List

    A list of suggested books to help children learn about grief and loss.


    Divorce Reading List

    Recommended reading for those families affected by divorce.


    Friendship Reading List

    Books that teach students how to be a good friend.


    Handling Anger

    A book list with titles that will help students learn how

     to deal and handle issues dealing with anger.


    Area Counseling Services

    Resources outside of Davison Community Schools. Please note that the district does

    not endorse any particular business or service; this is merely a guide of services

    offered in the area to assist parents and their children.