• The Transportation Department is responsible for safely transporting nearly 3,500 students back and forth to school each day. A fleet of 47 buses covers a 57-square-mile radius.

    Bus drivers perform a pre-trip check every time a bus heads out. The check the tires, lights, exhaust, etc.

    A group of drivers also coordinate the Bus Safety Committee. They travel to each elementary school to remind students of the proper procedures of crossing in front of the bus, riding (back to back, seat to seat) and also practice an emergency exit from the bus.

    In the event long term transportation does need to be changed, please submit your request in writing to the Transportation Office. A minimum of two weeks will be needed to attempt to accommodate the request. Also, we are unable to accommodate "daily" requests from parents who want to change a student's pickup or drop-off location from what is on record for the day. Thank you for your understanding.

    Mark Fahr, Transportation Supervisor

    Martina Gonzales, Secretary

    Kim Dortman, Dispatcher

    Candace Wittstock, Dispatcher

    Davison Community Schools
    10183 Lapeer Road
    Davison, MI 48423
    (810) 591-0816

    Field Trip Request Form for Staff

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