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Alumni Directory Is Being Updated!

The Davison Educational Foundation has commissioned Publishing Concepts (PCI) to update our Davison High School Alumni Directory. Our last Directory was published in 2002 and many have asked for updated editions.
Please know that there is no obligation to purchase a directory or anything else; however, we would like to include all Alumni in the Directory so please consider sharing your current information. If you do want to purchase a Directory, there are several package options:
1. Hardbound edition, $115.90
2. Digital publication, $99.95
3. Digital Publication by Decade, $59,98
As PCI does not charge the DEF or district for the research or to publish the Alumni Directory, the company sells the Directory and does offer other additional packages in an attempt to recoup costs and make a profit.
PCI is currently in the process of contacting alums through email, telephone and mail.
Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please call the district's Communication's office at 810-591-0852.