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Please Be Extra Vigilant in School Crossing Areas

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Over the past two days, two crossing guards have been struck by vehicles as they were crossing students at intersections. Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Mike, the crossing guard at M-15 and Clark Street, was stuck and this morning a vehicle hit Miss Candace at Clark and Main streets. In both cases, the accidents took place in front of children and the drivers left the scene of the incident.

Thankfully, both of the crossing guards will be fine. Davison City Police, which employs the school crossing guards, is investigating both incidents. Police will also be actively patrolling these areas in order to ensure that all traffic rules are being adhered to and keeping our students and staff safe.

Please, please be extra careful as you drive through school zones, when you see a school bus and in any areas where kids are walking near or crossing traffic. This will become even more important as we enter the Fall and there will be less visibility in the mornings.

Thank you.