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Brown's Blog: Summing up the Financial Equation for Taxpayers

In his latest blog, Superintendent Kevin Brown sums up the financial equation as to how the March 10, 2020, bond election would affect taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

For the average Davison homeowner with a home value of $170,000, the approval of the bond would equate to a tax increase of about 69 cents a day. That is less than a cup of coffee from your favorite morning pit stop. Please see the attached chart for more cost examples using other home prices.

Here is another factor to consider; did you know that out of the 21 school districts in Genesee County, Davison ranks 15th in millage rates? (See attached chart.) If the bond is approved, the total levy for DCS would be at 6.524 mills, meaning Davison would move up that list but still fall behind several other districts including Genesee, Bendle, Montrose, Goodrich, Grand Blanc and Beecher in total millage rates. In addition, that millage rate would decrease by 1.28 mills in just two years when the district pays off the 2003 bonds to build Cardinal Stadium and additional classrooms.

Brown's Blog: Computing the Financial Angle of the March 10, 2020, Bond