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Questions and Answers Re: the School Shutdown

Dear Parents, Guardians and DCS Community:

We know you have many questions about Governor Whitmer’s order to close all Pre-K through 12th grade schools until Monday, April 6. Since the announcement was made last night, we continue to seek answers and guidance from the state as we navigate through these unchartered waters. We have gathered the questions you have sent to us through our website, email and social media to come up with this Q & A. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What does the shutdown mean for Davison Community Schools?
A: Beginning Monday, March 16, all school buildings, offices, facilities and grounds will be closed to the public until Monday, April 6. All school-related events, athletics and DCER activities are suspended during this time. Decisions on whether events scheduled during this three-week shutdown will be postponed or cancelled will be made by Monday, April 6.

Q: Will buildings be thoroughly cleaned during this shutdown?
A: Custodians will still be working throughout the shutdown period. Deep cleaning, which includes disinfecting, will take place during this time. According to health officials, the coronavirus can persist in the air for up to three hours and on hard surfaces for three to four days.

Q: Will students be required to go to school in summer to make up time?
A: Right now, we simply do not know. We do not believe students will be required to make up that time but that will be up to the state to determine.

Q: Will the District be providing online instruction or curriculum for students to complete during the shutdown?
A: No. However, we are working on putting together a list of resources of additional learning opportunities for parents and students to use during the shutdown. Once we have that list compiled, we will share on our website and through email. Any lessons or materials shared by teachers and/or staff should be considered as suggestions ONLY and not as mandatory or required homework.

Q: I am worried about my student’s grades. How will the shutdown affect make-ups, etc.
A: No student is to be expected to complete work at this time and should not be penalized for this forced shut down. Students will be offered the opportunity to make up or complete any pre-shutdown required work when they return, but with
consideration of the implications that this time off creates for student learning.  We will reevaluate our curriculum and learning expectations when the time comes for school to resume.

Q: Will the third marking period be extended since it was supposed to end on March 26?
A: No. We will pick up where we left off in lesson plans and continue as a semester when we return. There will be no report cards sent home for the third marking period.

Q: What about graduation? How does this affect my senior?
A: Right now, we are planning to resume normal activities on Monday, April 6. That being said, today the Governor issued a ban on any kind of gathering of 250 or more people until April 6. If the ban is extended, we will need to reevaluate. In addition, we are unsure if the shutdown will affect the May 21 date that has been set for the last day of school for seniors. In the past, make- up days have not affected our seniors but we simply do not know the answer at this time.

Q: What does this mean for spring sports?
A: Right now the sports season is suspended. ALL Davison athletic activities have been suspended until further notice. This includes tryouts, practices, competitions, weight room, etc. We will continue to work with the Michigan High School Athletic Association and leagues to help with guidance and answer questions.

Q: What about activities scheduled through Davison Community Enrichment and Recreation?
A: All school activities, including DCER classes, events, etc. are suspended until Monday, April 6. Once the shutdown is lifted, we will then determine which activities can be rescheduled or will have to be cancelled.

Q: Will we be providing food service to students?
A: Yes. We are working with the Michigan Department of Education and will be able to provide up to two 2 meals a day. We are currently working on a plan as to how that will look and where meals can be picked up and dropped off. Once we have the logistics finalized we will let parents know.

Q: Will Spring Sports be canceled?
A: We do not know the answer to this at this time. We will follow the direction of the MHSAA.

Q: My student has an IEP.  How will that be handled?
A: We usually have 30 school days. Since we are not providing any kind of educational services and these are not going to be considered school days the days will not be counted toward the 30 days. Everything will be pushed back.

Q: Will the District be crediting families the tuition they have paid for this session of latchkey and preschool?
A: Yes

Q: Are we moving forward with the Smiles Mobile In-School Dental Program?
A: No. We will cancel this year’s visits and reschedule for the fall.

Q: Will DCER or outside small groups still be able to use the building?
A: No. All events that were scheduled at or through our district for the next three weeks are canceled.

Q. How will this affect state testing - M-STEP and the SAT in the spring?
A: We do not know how or if state testing will be affected at this time and will continue to rely on the Department of Education for guidance.

Q: What about the school musical? Can students rehearse?
A: No. ALL activities are suspended until further notice.

Q: What about the 8th Grade Washington DC trip, Prom, DECA nationals, parent teacher conferences, Kindergarten Registration and other events planned in April?
A: As of right now, we are not canceling anything beyond April 6.

Q: Who do I contact if I need to get in touch with someone at the school?
A: You can contact us by clicking on the “Email” button in the upper right hand corner of our homepage on the website or messaging through social media on our Facebook and Twitter sites, which will be monitored during the shutdown.

Q & A Regarding School Closure