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Brown's Blog and Accompanying Letter: Some Good News for a Change!

Superintendent Kevin Brown shares some good news in his latest blog! To watch the blog, click on the link below. A letter is also included to outline the topics in Supt. Brown's blog.

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Dear DCS Families:

We wanted to follow up with a written communication in regard to the topics mentioned by Superintendent Kevin Brown in his blog today.

Executive Order 185-2020: Masks Now Required for Grades K-4

Governor Whitmer last week issued this order, which expands the requirement to wear a mask in the classroom to all students kindergarten and up. This new rule takes effect Monday, October 5.

As our K-4th graders have not been required to wear a mask while in the classroom since school started, we understand that some of our parents likely will not agree with the Governor’s latest ruling while others will welcome it. No matter how we may personally feel, we must comply as it is the law. Remember, your child picks up on your cues so please try to keep a positive mindset when discussing the new mask rule with your child.

Please know that we will attempt to provide as many mask “breaks” as possible by delivering instruction and offering breaks outside. Breakfast, lunch and snack times will also give students a chance to remove their masks in order to eat.

Also, we ask that you make sure that your student has a clean mask daily. If your child does not have a mask, one will be provided for him/her.

Executive Order 183-2020: Restrictions on Attendance at Organized Events

Governor Whitmer also issued an order last week that relaxes the restrictions on attendance at social gatherings and organized events. Previously, this number was fixed at 10 people indoors and 100 people outdoors for most of the state. This was the reason why we could not hold a traditional graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020.

Beginning October 9, most non-residential indoor venues will now be able to host social gatherings and organized events so long as they maintain fewer than 20 people per 1,000 square feet and require facial coverings. Performance venues and stadiums, similarly, will be permitted to operate at 20% seating capacity. Such gatherings and events must be no larger than 500 people in the largest indoor venues, in order to reduce the risk of a “superspreader” event. Outdoor gathering and event restrictions will also be relaxed, so long as they maintain fewer than 30 people per 1,000 square feet, or 30% seating capacity, up to 1,000 people in the largest outdoor spaces.

The previous order as well as MHSAA guidelines severely restricted who was allowed to attend stadium games. As you may be aware, our final home football game takes place at Cardinal Stadium on October 9. While we still must restrict visitors, we have decided that students - beginning with seniors - will be allowed to have the first option of whether or not they want to attend the game. Our seniors have not been able to enjoy the traditional rites of homecoming due to COVID-19 and this is one chance we have to make it up to them. In addition, the marching band, pom pon, dance and cheer teams will also be allowed to enter the stadium and be part of the allotted number we are allowed. Because of this, many of our community members will not be able to attend the game. We are sincerely sorry for this, but if we truly want to live out our “Kids First” mission, then we need to do just that - let the kids first have the opportunity to attend the final home game. More details on how tickets will be offered will be shared soon.

Homecoming 2020

In addition to next Friday, October 9, being our last home game, next week is also Homecoming. While we certainly are not able to celebrate as we would normally, we are grateful to the City of Davison for allowing us to have a short parade at 5 p.m. Friday. Because we need to be mindful of the size of the parade, we must limit participants to those strictly involved with the night’s activities. This would include our senior homecoming court, underclassmen princes and princesses, marching band, cheerleaders, pom pon and dance teams. We will keep our fingers crossed that next year we can return to our normal parade practices and allow other clubs/teams and students to participate.

The parade will begin at 5 p.m. and follow its normal course, beginning at the high school, traveling west on Clark Street and then north on Main Street.

Also, just a side note in regard to Homecoming. Because the new order does not take effect until October 9, we will be unable to hold a Powderpuff Game. Our Community Tailgate is also cancelled this year.

All of our school buildings will be celebrating Homecoming Week by holding Spirit Days. We hope that you join us in showing your support and school spirit.

Updated Guidelines from the Genesee County Health Department

Last but certainly not least, we are very excited to learn that officials with the Genesee County Health Department have updated the agency’s COVID Tool Kit. One of the key changes that will have the biggest effect on the district and our families is that classmates who have been determined as close contacts of an isolated student may now continue to attend school. This means we will no longer have to quarantine students who were within six feet of a symptomatic student for 15 minutes. This is great news because we firmly believe that kids need to be in school! This also eliminates students having to worry that they will be the next one to get quarantined because a classmate got sick. We are grateful to the health department for recognizing the burden this has placed on families and the district.

That being said, there will be times we may need to quarantine if we learn of a positive case of COVID-19. Students who have been exposed to a person or household member who has tested positive will also need to quarantine.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Brown’s Blog. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Letter to Accompany September 29, 2020, Brown's Blog