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Notice RE: Masks and Supreme Court Ruling

Dear DCS Parents/Guardians:

Many of you may be aware that the Michigan Supreme Court ruled late last Friday that Governor Whitmer does not have authority to extend emergency orders under two emergency acts -- the Emergency Management Act from 1976 and the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act from 1945. We have received several questions from parents over the weekend as to how this ruling will affect procedures at DCS, mainly dealing with the wearing of masks.

In one of Gov. Whitmer’s last executive orders, students in grades K-4 were to begin wearing masks in the classroom beginning tomorrow. Because of the Supreme Court’s ruling, we will NOT require students in grades K-4 to wear masks in the classrooms. Students in those grades WILL still be required to wear masks on the bus, in the hallways and when moving place to place as they have since school began.

In addition, students in grades 5-12 will still be required to wear masks all day.

These requirements are part of the state’s Return to Learn Plan, approved by the state Legislature in August, as well as the district’s Return to School Plan that was approved by the Board of Education. We will continue to comply with the procedures set forth in these plans. If anything changes moving forward, we will let parents know immediately.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Brown