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Summer Learning Opportunities

Dear DCS Families:

If you are looking for some extra summer educational opportunities for your student this summer, here is a list of fun learning activities compiled by our Director of Curriculum Angie Hards.

“Learning never ends and we should always take all the opportunities we can to do so,” Hards said. “Even in the summer.”

The Michigan Learning Channel (MLC) has created activity books with weekly themes and lessons for children Pre-K through Grade 6. The activity books are available electronically on the MLC website and are available both in their entirety for the whole summer or broken up by week/theme. Hard copies of the work books are also available in the clear plastic tote that can be found under the overhang at the Cardinal Center, 1490 N. Oak Road.

Khan Academy- For most subjects and grades.

Epic-for books to Read.

Live online classes for kids ages 4-12.

Free math worksheets.

Legends of Learning offers science and math practice.  The student will need a free account.

Prodigy is a great resource to practice K-6 math standards.

Blooket* has games created to help learn multiplication and division problems.  The student will need a free account.  *Some of these are made by students and may contain incorrect answers so an adult will want to check the answers to see if they are correct.

There are three ways to access the video stories at the links below: click on the title of the book; click on the picture of the book; or scan the QR code with a phone or tablet.

Jump Start Into Kindergarten Calendar

Jump Start Into 1st Grade Calendar

Jump Start Into 2nd and 3rd Grade

This summer high school students can learn how optimism can make them more successful and better leaders thanks to the three-part Camp Leadership series provided by the Ligon Outdoor Center. Find more information here on how teens can take advantage of this unique and enlightening opportunity.