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Assistant Superintendent Matthew Lobban Selected as District's Next Superintendent


Press Release
November 8, 2022


Matthew Lobban named as next Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent Matthew Lobban was named as the District’s next leader at the November 7 Board of Education meeting. Lobban will replace Superintendent Kevin Brown who officially told board members last month that he plans to retire at the end of this school year following a 39-year career in education. He has served as Superintendent since January 2019.


Lobban was the lone applicant for the position.


“Matt is a proven leader,” Superintendent Brown said. “He is extremely knowledgeable regarding curriculum and instruction and has gained valuable experience in personnel, operations and the District’s finances over the last four years as our Assistant Superintendent. Matt is very well liked and respected by staff and will make an outstanding Superintendent. It’s nice to know the District will be left in his very capable hands.”


Davison Board of Education President Karen Conover said the District is very fortunate to have Mr. Lobban.


“He will maintain the excellence that has already been established and no doubt further the accomplishments of the District,” she said. “He is very enthusiastically welcomed.” 


Mr. Lobban,a graduate of Davison High School, began his teaching career at Lapeer East High School in 2003. One year later, he was hired to teach math at Davison High School. In 2012, Lobban was named as the K-12 Math and Science Curriculum Coordinator for the District, a position he held until he was named Assistant Principal at Davison High School the 2017-18 school year. He became Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Certified Personnel on January 1, 2019.


In addition to his roles at Davison Community Schools, Mr. Lobban taught college algebra, pre-calculus and calculus for Business majors from 2012 to 2022 at the University of Michigan - Flint as well as designed the university’s online MTH 120 Pre-Calculus course.


“I learned early on in life the importance of and the potential impact of being an educator,” Mr. Lobban said. “On any given day, Monday through Friday, no other institution assembles more of our community members in one place than Davison Community Schools. No other employer has more employees, let alone ones whose role is to connect with, inspire, and provide opportunities for community members than Davison Community Schools. Truly, there is no other place in our community, and arguably we are only one of a few in the county, where the most tremendous potential for significant impact on a community can occur than in our school buildings. We, as educators, therefore, have the greatest opportunity to make a systemic cultural change in a time and community that needs it more than ever.  


“My vision as the next superintendent is fueled by my love for the Davison community and my passion for the district’s mission to continue putting kids first. When our community looks back on the days we are currently living in, I believe they will tell the story of our commitment and success to help heal a community that was hurting. They will discuss how we expanded and repaired connections with each other, continued to improve on implementing a strong and viable curriculum, and provided a continuously expanding menu of opportunities that began exciting and successful futures for our students.”


Mr. Lobban earned his bachelor’s of science degree in secondary education and a master’s of arts degree in educational technology from the University of Michigan-Flint. He is a participant in the Michigan Leadership Institute’s Superintendent Academy and successfully completed the Greater Flint Educational Consortium Leadership Academy in 2010-11. Named Davison Community Schools’ Teacher of the Year in 2010, Lobban earned the UM-Flint Golden Apple Award for the Fall of 2014 and was named Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association Assistant Coach of the Year in 2010. While teaching at Davison High School, Lobban was selected twice by the student body as the commencement speaker for the graduating classes of 2008 and 2011.


“I was born and raised in the Davison community and the phrases “Davison Made” and “Cardinal Pride” mean far more to me than catchy motivational slogans or marketing schemes for spirit wear,” Mr. Lobban said. “I believe that there is something truly special about being from the Davison community and that this community develops leaders that positively impact the world far beyond district, city and township borders. The Davison community has been an integral part of molding and shaping me into who I am today.


“Community leaders, Davison Community Schools teachers, and coaches such as Paul Hill, Jack Kelts, Jim Creech, Timm Rye, Tom Weadock, Bob Mansuetti, Vince Haiss, my father and so many others invested their time, energy and resources into me, embedding the value of hard work, dedication, perseverance and integrity. They connected with me, taught lessons and presented opportunities that helped me see my potential, steered me down a fruitful life path, and continuously supported me as I grew into the person I am today. As a result, I learned early on the significance and potential impact a person has by being an educator.”


Mr. Lobban and his wife, Jill, have three sons: Camden 14; Jaxson, 11; and Maverick, 9. In his spare time, Lobban enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, camping and gardening.


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